Mr. Scholander was born in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and he discovers early on that he was a man of great appetite for life and always wanted to see what's around the next corner.

After finishing his studies at the Royal Institute of Technology as a mining engineer, he felt that he wanted to see the world and he became a seasoned Globetrotter during some years when he cultivated many valuable contacts with the same focus and international interests.

During his travels, Mr. Scholander developed a special feeling and knowledge of the various situations and circumstances that exist in the world countries that he visited and periodically lived in, he developed a deep compassion for the unfortunate and the predicament in which many live in, situations almost impossible to escape from without help and support.

Mr. Scholander has therefore largely been involved in formulating a strategy for how Prowess EcoTechnology Group best can help in poor areas with suitable homes that not only is affordable but also with a well thought-out design and substantive ecologically suitable.

Scandinavia, Sweden