Mr. Amilon was born in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, after completing his studies at Stockholm University with a Master of Laws. BCs. subsequently followed by economics studies, he then lived a year in Paris, France, for additional studies in international law.

Mr. Amilon has been working at KPMG for more than 20 years before he decided to start his own business to facilitate and guide entrepreneurial fast growing companies.

At KPMG, and even later, he has worked with both large and small companies. Some of the companies were international and Mr. Amilon has at work visited Australia, Africa and North America.

Mr. Amilon is a social and open person and enjoys meeting with motivated and entrepreneurial people.

Privately, Mr. Amilon is a person who enjoys travelling, good food and like careful tasting of different brands of beers and whiskey in the company of family and friends.

South America and especially Brazil has always been a strong attraction to Mr. Amilon and spend time there when time allows him.

Scandinavia, Sweden