Adam was born in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, in the late eighties and grew up in a family that always had a great interest in world activities. He learned early in life that he was fortunate to be born and raised in a stable and reasonably well-off country.

This knowledge guided him to a better and deeper understanding for his work in explaining and describing the opportunities of new eco friendly materials. These materials are used for very special products such as Affordable and Secure Housing for situations in countries less fortunate than his.

Adam, very early in life had a keen interest in computers, communications, and methods to influence others through the Internet media. He has two years of studies in the psychological impact of the human mind regarding online information of new products and technologies. Also, these studies led him to a further and deeper understanding of the IT world.

He joined Prowess EcoTechnologies at the Swedish office in 2012 and is responsible for all IT activities. He is also responsible for producing and dissemination of online materials for clients and representatives for relevant information regarding new building technologies. Adam is fluent in both English and Swedish which is a great asset in Prowess EcoTechnologies business model.

Stockholm, Sweden