The Global-Constructions are turn-key and ready to use, environmentally friendly due to the GCCT "Global Ceramic Construction Technology" and built in an inert material which can be recycled or used as ecological land filling.

The  constructions are based on superstructures built at platforms containing a number of hull units to increase stability and safety and be independent from shore connections.

 The Company Global-Constructions are specialised on water and off-shore applications where weight, extreme strength, high insulation coefficient, reliability and water resistance is vital and at the core of the specific construction.

The platforms are arranged for the use different energy sources and/or any other type of equipment vital for the operation of the construction and contain all necessary equipment for self-support.

The hull units are also arranged to be flexible and to be equipped with varying superstructures. This can vary in design depending on the location and the requirements from the operators as well as the local authorities and legislations.

The units are blocks, prepared to be interconnected into different configurations, with the final platform on top being up to 300 times 100 meters.