Unique characteristics for

HPCC “High Performance Ceramic Concrete”

with BFR “Basalt Fibre Reinforcement”

SPC “Standard Performance Concrete” & HPCC "High Performance Ceramic Concrete"

HPCC "High Performance Ceramic Concrete"

Concrete is the umbrella name for a construction technology based on cement products.

Within the product group, there are several different qualities for various applications, ranging from standard concrete up to HPCC, which is the highest quality with exciting features.

The comparison between SPC “Standard Performance Concrete” and HPCC is like comparing a bicycle with a F1 (Formula 1) race car.

HPCC "High Performance Ceramic Concrete" is a concrete that has compression strength over 80 MPa and the standard of compression strength for GCG HPCC is typically 120 MPa or above.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions CO2

Cement production generates carbon dioxide emissions much of which comes from the calcinations procedure, a process that hardly can be avoided.

On the other hand, the concrete also absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its entire lifetime and minimize therefore the effects at the atmospheric carbon dioxide level seen over a longer time frame.

Carbon dioxide emissions in general must be reduced faster and an intensive development work to reduce the concrete carbon footprint has commenced.