Export Credit

When the production unit project has been reviewed by, negotiated with and in principle approved by a financier, there are several other financial support institutions to consider, such as Swedish export credit institutions EKN, as well as some EU development funds and other financial tools.

Global-Constructions can then, in cooperation with the customer and the financier, start the process of seeking export credit guarantees from EKN and/or even available subsidies that the customer can benefit from.

The basic prerequisites for such export credit guarantees are that customers can show their capacity and credibility together with at least 20% equity based on the total investments.

The Swedish Export Credit Agency, is an authority with the task of promoting Swedish exports. We do this by insuring the risk of not being paid in export transactions.

We also insure banks' lending to both exporting companies and their buyers.

EKN's guarantees make difficult markets available and enable more secure export transactions. We work with the big global companies as well as the very small ones, and guarantee their export business to over 130 countries.

Long-term guarantor for Swedish exports

EKN was established already in 1933 and has since been a complement to the private export credit insurance market. We have a worldwide network of banks, companies and other countries' export credit agencies. We also work closely with other export promotion organisations in Sweden.