GCCT On-Shore Constructions

Good Technology makes Good Ecology

The Global-Constructions line of ecological Low Cost, Secure-Housing and Affordable-Housing are offering solutions to relieve the suffering for people that have been exposed to different kinds of disasters in form of earthquakes, flood, fires, tsunamis, tornadoes or war situations.

Due to the growing environmental problems, the world has experienced dramatic changes in most areas over the past 50 years.

The temperature both on land and at sea has risen, the seismological activities have increased more than five times and the world's population has more than doubled.

Global-Constructions has decided to use the GCCT "Global Ceramic Construction Technology" in an effort to alleviate the plight of too many victims, now homeless due to different reasons.

Global-Constructions has formed a special Aid Division, a division within the company that will focus on the use of GCCT for Affordable but Safe & High Quality Homes in disaster situations and poor areas.